A night light is designed to light up the room with a soft glow that is not too bright and not too dark...still allowing the child to sleep. There are a variety of practical reasons for using a night light. It offers comfort to children who are afraid of the dark, allows parents visibility when entering the room at night and allows the child to easily locate a blanket or lovey in the dark.

The color given off by your night light has a huge effect on how well your child sleeps throughout the night. Logically, one may assume a calming blue color would help put a child to sleep; however, the research tells a different story. Blue light is a stimulant and boosts your attention...ultimately keeping you awake.

The best color for your child to get the optimal amount of sleep is a red or orange night light. These are the same colors as a sunset, which is nature's way of telling us to get ready for bed. Children find the red/orange light soothing as it is a familiar color which helps improve overall sleep. 

 No matter what stage of life you're in, sleep is essential to staying happy, healthy and functional in everyday life. Despite how critical sleep is for us, nearly 30% of children have trouble with achieving good sleep.

Children with sensory needs are even more likely to have challenges falling asleep, staying asleep, and being comfortable while sleeping. There is even evidence that sleep challenges increase if a child has sensory challenges on top of other issues, such as ADHD, ASD, and/or intellectual disability.
If sleep difficulties persist, they can have a lasting impact on behavior, self-regulation, and even depression. 

Are you looking for soothing activities to slow down and relax your little one? A strong sleep routine that incorporates soothing sensory stimulation can make all the difference for the health of your child. One way to tackle sleep issues is by helping a child manage their levels of over-stimulation. Participating in calming, soothing sensory routines can reduce over-stimulation, bring about calm, and help your child get ready for sleep. 

We are on a mission to provide you with expertly selected materials and strategies to help channel your child’s energy, reduce anxiety and bring a sense of calm... all in just 20 minutes of play a day. The Busy Little Hands Program is a perfect compliment to your child's individual therapy needs and goals. Our sensory kits are a playful invitation for busy, little hands and colorful minds. Whether you need a kit for reducing anxiety/ meltdowns, increasing calm/self-regulation, overcoming tactile defensiveness (both food and/or clothing), developing fine motor skills, or general sensory development, we have you covered.


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