Digital Programs

Our *digital* sensory intensive programs provide guided, play-based activities developed to target the most common sensory goals, challenges and behaviors. Please note: All programs are delivered via instant PDF download. We only offer digital downloads at this time. We do not offer printed / bound products.

All programs are thoughtfully curated by two professionals- a practicing occupational therapist and a licensed early childhood educator- so you can feel confident that your child will stay engaged in learning while also enhancing their overall sensory lifestyle. All programs contain expertly crafted plans that show you how to use our preferred materials, achieve results and help your child thrive.

Sensory Regulation (Play Therapy)- Our sensory intensive programs are play-based and the perfect compliment to your child's individual therapy needs and goals. Whether you need a program for reducing anxiety/ meltdowns, increasing calm/self-regulation, overcoming tactile defensiveness (both food and/or clothing), developing fine motor skills, or general sensory development, we have you covered.

Education- *DIGITAL VERSIONS COMING SOON!!* Our curriculum-based programs offer a multisensory approach to teaching and learning and involve multiple sensory modalities: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and tactile; all of which help to improve memory. We currently offer educational programs in:

Our unique, curriculum-based programs tap into all sensory learning channels, allowing your child to learn and remember specific skill sets in the most lasting and memorable way.

Motor Development-