With COVID-19 altering how so many parents are schooling their children, the option of homeschooling is now more popular than ever. Did you know that in many states, creating a portfolio of your child's work is a legal requirement for homeschooling families?

A portfolio gives state authorities the reassurance that your child is making sufficient academic progress, and it gives you a written record for your homeschool program.The idea of having to submit a portfolio can be overwhelming for first time homeschool families. And for those trying to align their homeschooling with the National Standards, the confusion on which programs match on a grade by grade basis can be entirely confusing.

What should be in a homeschool portfolio?

  • Important documents (letter of intent, test results, immunization records as needed, etc.)
  • Curriculum used
  • Learning objectives
  • Work samples for all academic subjects - don’t forget to date them or clip them together by month.
  • Book logs or essays/tests completed on books
    • Read aloud book log
    • Individual student book logs
  • Academic games played
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Monthly activity log
  • Field Trips
  • Films and documentaries used 
  • Live music and theater performances
  • Awards and certificates achieved
  • Community Service hours as needed
  • Artwork
  • Fitness logs
  • Video clips of academic engagement (such as oral reading), sports performance (gym), music performances, etc. 
  • Photos of your child engaging in the curriculum you choose– remember a picture of your child learning is worth a thousand words.

Busy Little Learners can help you build your portfolio.

Here is how each curriculum kit has you covered:

  • All kits align with the National Standards, which are placed directly on the back of your Busy Little Learners plan, so your learning objectives are provided for you.
  • When you complete your portfolio you will be able to list your Busy Little Learners as a component of your homeschool program.
  • You will get a certificate of completion for each program purchased, so you will be able to show your district that your child has engaged in meaningful, national standards level learning in the area relevant to your purchase. But even better, your child will have a certificate they can be proud of!
  • If you feel lost or need support, all customers of Busy Little Learners are automatically given the option to join our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, get support, and be a part of a fun learning community.
  • If your child is on an IEP, our total multi-sensory approach most likely aligns with your child’s learning style needs. Because we use mediums that tap all sensory channels (auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile) we cover the range of learning styles, which makes learning more meaningful and fun! The tools in each kit will ensure that your child is working on fine motor development, eye/hand coordination, as well as sensory development.

Let Busy Little Learners take the stress of out the mess! We follow a  play-based & multi-sensory approach to teaching & learning. As part of the program, you will receive a multisensory kit that contains age appropriate activities and materials to teach and develop hand skills, build hand strength, as well as the motor planning for proper letter and number formation. Play plans are also provided and include visual icons to show your child how to use the tools as well as complete the activity. The best part, only 20 minutes of play a day is all you need to get your child on the road to success. 

Your child will create, investigate and explore through the use of bright colors, silly scents & fun textures for a healthy, SCREEN FREE sensory lifestyle and success in learning and beyond.  

Learn more about our multisensory program and the certificate of completion we include in your purchase.