Did you know that sandpaper a great tool for working on handwriting?

Using sand paper either underneath a writing sheet, or as a writing sheet, provides a tactile surface that gives strong sensory feedback to the fingers and whole hand. It also helps kids slow down when writing as they respond to tactile sensory input, which facilitates pencil control through sensory feedback. This level of sensory feedback also helps kids who need to work on pencil pressure.

It is important to experiment with different grades of sandpaper, which allows you to try out different levels of “sandiness”.  A coarse grit provides more sensory feedback, while a fine grit provides less sensory input. 

The tactile feedback the sandpaper provides will add a sensory “memory” to forming the letter. 

Some fun activities you can try are:

  • Use colored pencils or crayons directly on sandpaper to practice letter or number formation. To get the most use of the sandpaper, have your child trace over the letters/numbers they are practicing with different colored pencils (rainbow writing).
  • Try placing a sheet of sandpaper under a worksheet, as a method to help a child slow down and work on pencil pressure as they complete the worksheet.
  • You can help with letter formation by placing starting dots on the sandpaper. Use verbal cues (start at the top/start at the dot) to form the letter correctly as needed.  
  • Try using mazes  over the sandpaper to work on pencil control.
  • Feel free to make lines on the sandpaper to practice letter sizing. 

Expert tip: when your sheet of sandpaper is filled up with writing, use it as a base for placing paper on top.  

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