Sensory Activities To Beat The Heat!

Feeling, HOT, HOT, HOT!

Did you know children with sensory challenges often have difficulty regulating their temperature? This means, they may or may not realize when they are over-heating.

When temperatures rise, Sensory Together recommends water play to help your child stay cool, comfortable and regulated.

Just Add Water! 

 Simple and to the point! Fill up that water table (or grab a bucket!) and gather as many containers, cups and scoops as you can. You'll be amazed at how simple water play can actually be! Never underestimate the plain and simple power water has to offer. You can kick it up a notch by adding a color tablet or a few drops of food coloring, but water straight out of the tap is just as good too.

Citrus Soup:

Our senses allow us to gain information across multiple body channels, increasing our ability to learn and remember information. 

A child’s sense of smell is a powerful sense connected directly to the brain. Research on scent suggests that aromatherapy can have a healing and calming effect. There are different ways that aromatherapy can be used to make a sensory-learning experience even more powerful. For instance, combining smell with the calming effects of water play can not only calm your child, but also open up a strong learning pathway. The possibilities are endless.


Ice Cube Friends / Ice Petals:

If you know the weather is looking steamy you can prep the night before and things will be good to go the following day. Adding ice cubes to your water play will not only help your child stay cool, but also gives it a fun twist. Choose a few playful & colorful add ins (we used animals and baby food pouch caps one day and flower petals the next) and have yourself a party! 


 Magic Sand:

Another incredible water activity involves our very own magic sand. Our sand can be used in and out of water for hours of engaging play. Magic Sand is an incredible tool and provides your child with multiple opportunities for play, discovery & learning,  It may look like ordinary colored sand but it's SO MUCH MORE! Our magic sand is coated in a special hydrophobic substance that repels water and keeps the sand completely dry. Believe us when we say this stuff is so fun (and dare we say magical!). Easy to store and play over and over again. Simply remove the sand from the water with a spoon or your hands and store in an airtight container.



Are you looking for play-based activities to further develop your child's sensory  skills and goals?  Do you want to develop their ability to handle certain situations efficiently and effectively? Busy Little Learners is an innovative early childhood program that follows a play-based & multi-sensory approach to teaching & learning. Our curriculum will foster your child’s self-regulation, sensory development and creativity through PLAY. Your child will create, investigate and explore through the use of bright colors, silly scents & fun textures. Sensory Together offers play-based curriculum programs, learning activities and sensory kits for a healthy sensory lifestyle and success in learning and beyond.  

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