A multi-sensory approach involves multiple sensory modalities: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and tactile; all of which help to improve memory.

Our senses allow us to gain information across multiple body channels, increasing our ability to learn and remember information. Multi-sensory teaching has an amazing impact on memory formation, which children need in order to recall lessons and apply newly learned information. When it comes to early learning, the more senses that are stimulated, the more knowledge is retained.

A child’s sense of smell is a powerful sense connected directly to the brain. Research on scent suggests that aromatherapy can have a healing and calming effect. There are different ways that aromatherapy can be used to make a sensory-learning experience even more powerful. For instance, combining smell with the calming effects of drawing, coloring, or doing a fun fine motor task can not only calm your child, but also open up a strong learning pathway. The possibilities are endless.

Our scented pencils & markers are the perfect tools to help your child engage in a fine motor task, while also experiencing the calming effect of aromatherapy.
Our sensory PLAY PLANS will show you and your child exactly what to do to make our markers & pencils educational, therapeutic and engaging. Take the stress out of teaching and discover a new way to build skills and foster sensory development... 
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