Collection: Hand Strength Program

Why is hand strength is important? Our hands comprise a large part in how we learn and interact with the environment. 

What is the risk for poor hand strength?

Children who have poor hand strength generally are due to lower than normal muscle tone,  birth injuries or neuro-muscular disorders. When a child has poor hand strength they may drop objects or have difficulty manipulating small objects in one hand. They also struggle with grasping objects of various sizes. 

What role does the wrist play?

Wrist stability refers to  the ability to stabilize the wrist while using the fingers. This develops progressively from around 8 months of age into the early school years. The wrist joint should be slightly extended (bent back) for the fingers to be able to move with precision, strength and control. A flexed (bent down) wrist posture should be discouraged during fine motor activities, especially during writing/drawing. The child should place his/her wrist firmly on the writing surface and not hold it up off the table.

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